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3rd Week of cooking

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Here are some pictures from my 3rd week of cooking. I wonder when I will stop counting the weeks I’m cooking!

Menu of the week included lemongrass chicken, baby portobello with spinach, shepherd’s pie, sesame oil chicken, curry puff, pasta, and fried bee hoon.

Lemongrass chicken. Asian enough. I like!

Spinach with baby portobello mushrooms. Loving portobello mushrooms these days.

Shepherd's pie. The last time I made one was in home econs in lower sec!

Jaclyn's Food Republic style fish noodles. Tried making it for the first time!

Sesame oil chicken. Recipe from Rasa Malaysia.

Stuffing for the curry puff

Curry puff in the making

Freshly baked curry puffs!

Pasta - only took it after we started eating cos we were too hungry!

My first fried bee hoon


2nd Week of cooking

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Last week was my second week of hardcore cooking. It’s turning out to be more enjoyable than I thought it would be, and I’m thinking of all the different recipes I’d like to try out… Especially all the Singapore delicacies! Planning to try Mee Siam and Fried Carrot Cake next, if we get time to go to the Asian markets over the weekend to get the ingredients.

Here’s some pictures from last week’s cooking!

Farmers’ Market @ Boise

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The Farmers’ Market just opened 2 weekends ago at Boise (1 hour drive from where we are), and we have already been there twice! I reallyed enjoy just walking down the booths, soaking in the atmosphere, taking photos, trying food, etc.

Here’s some pictures from both visits…

First visit:

Cilantro - my first herb plant ever! From the market!

Flowers in my favourite colour... How to resist...

Next up are pictures from our 2nd trip on 23rd Apr… This time it was more happening because it was sponsored by Toyota, with little treats like a free potted plant in exchange for you going food tasting at some chefs’ booths for free. Ok, at least it was more happening to me!

Passport to getting the free potted herbs

New additions to my herbs family... Oregano and Lemon Basil... Yipee!!!

C.J. Strike Dam

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There seems to be a whole lot of outdoor things to do in Idaho. We clocked on our first on Sunday – C.J. Strike Dam. We wanted to jog when we were there, but it was too cold, so we ended up just doing a recce, taking pictures, and going back to the gym to jog instead! haha

It’s a really beautiful place, and it’s only a short drive away. Here’s some photos… We’ll be back for sure!

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Nest #2

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Before we can even celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary, here we are in our 2nd nest! It is the blessing of God that we get to stay in such a beautiful house and neighbourhood.

My brother says that our house and neighbourhood looks almost like a scene out of Desperate Housewives. So, I’ve never watched the series, but maybe I shall watch an episode just to see how similar it is!

Walk-in wardrobe! Waiting to be filled with the clothes that are still floating here...

Our Dining Room

kitchen with lots of storage space

The solution to clogged sinks, and kitchen waste bins that stink. Just grind any food waste that goes into the sink!

daily workout at home

1 of 3 rooms (they all look the same)

our car in the garage... which feels like a refrigerator every morning and night!

Food from the first week

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Have cooked for a grand total of 3 days so far. It has been quite enjoyable, and not as scary as I thought it’d be after all. The other wives here have been very helpful with cooking tips, and relatives and friends have also been very kind to give me recipes, recipe books, forward me recipe blogs, etc. Thank you all!

Here’s some snippets of the menu at our residence the past week. May the menu get more exciting with each passing day!

Dish 1: Cooked and demo-ed by Jaclyn – very helpful wife who has been helping me a lot, passing me a lot of her precious Asian supplies, and giving me a lot of cooking tips. The fried egg tastes like the ones you get at Food Republic and coffee shops in Singapore, no kidding!!

Fish noodle soup

Dish 2: I think I overcooked the chicken dish. The chicken was ok, but the potatoes were too hard because they were burnt!

The kailan can only be bought at an hour’s drive away. I used to be able to get it just 5 minutes away!

Grilled chicken thigh & kailan

Dish 3: Ok, I know that this is JUST fruits. But I just want to capture that I actually took the effort to arrange them properly. Must have pride and excellence. Haha.

fruit platter!

Dish 4: Bought some sliced fish which were going at reduced prices, meaning that they had been on the shelf for a while. Regretted buying it, and had to resort to frying it so that it wouldn’t have the fishy smell. Recipe from Aunt Jess!

breaded fish

Last dish: Semi-Ang Moh style asparagus dish. This was modified from a Cooking Light magazine recipe, which is filled with western recipes. Bought the magazine while in our 7 hour transit at Chicago! It was supposed to be ‘Asparagus with Balsamic Tomatoes’. I didn’t have 2 of the ingredients – goat cheese and balsamic vinegar. So it just became asparagus with grape tomatoes, oil, salt, and fried garlic garnish.

New discovery – what we know as cherry tomatoes in Singapore is called grape tomatoes here.

Grape Tomato Asparagus