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Food from the first week

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Have cooked for a grand total of 3 days so far. It has been quite enjoyable, and not as scary as I thought it’d be after all. The other wives here have been very helpful with cooking tips, and relatives and friends have also been very kind to give me recipes, recipe books, forward me recipe blogs, etc. Thank you all!

Here’s some snippets of the menu at our residence the past week. May the menu get more exciting with each passing day!

Dish 1: Cooked and demo-ed by Jaclyn – very helpful wife who has been helping me a lot, passing me a lot of her precious Asian supplies, and giving me a lot of cooking tips. The fried egg tastes like the ones you get at Food Republic and coffee shops in Singapore, no kidding!!

Fish noodle soup

Dish 2: I think I overcooked the chicken dish. The chicken was ok, but the potatoes were too hard because they were burnt!

The kailan can only be bought at an hour’s drive away. I used to be able to get it just 5 minutes away!

Grilled chicken thigh & kailan

Dish 3: Ok, I know that this is JUST fruits. But I just want to capture that I actually took the effort to arrange them properly. Must have pride and excellence. Haha.

fruit platter!

Dish 4: Bought some sliced fish which were going at reduced prices, meaning that they had been on the shelf for a while. Regretted buying it, and had to resort to frying it so that it wouldn’t have the fishy smell. Recipe from Aunt Jess!

breaded fish

Last dish: Semi-Ang Moh style asparagus dish. This was modified from a Cooking Light magazine recipe, which is filled with western recipes. Bought the magazine while in our 7 hour transit at Chicago! It was supposed to be ‘Asparagus with Balsamic Tomatoes’. I didn’t have 2 of the ingredients – goat cheese and balsamic vinegar. So it just became asparagus with grape tomatoes, oil, salt, and fried garlic garnish.

New discovery – what we know as cherry tomatoes in Singapore is called grape tomatoes here.

Grape Tomato Asparagus


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