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5th Week of cooking

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The 5th week of cooking. Beginning to find it fun trying out all the recipes. Was a little more Asian with the menu, after the previous week of burger overload!!!

Menu of the week included homemade noodles, kecap manis chicken, teriyaki chicken pasta, and some zi char favourites – cereal prawns (mai pian xia) and stir-fried beef with ginger and spring onion (yang cong nu rou).


Just a short side-track on my favourite Hakka food:

Before I came to the US, I finally got down to learning my family’s 2 Hakka favourites – Yong Tau Fu and Homemade Noodles. We eat these dishes every Chinese New Year, and we always rave about it to our friends. My da sao says she finally understands why we keep raving about them after her first CNY eating the food. So the thing is, I have been saying every year that I want to learn these dishes from my aunt to carry on the Hakka tradition, and I only finally got down to it this year after I stopped working.

Making these 2 time consuming dishes make me feel like a real Hakka woman (although it doesn’t make me more of a Hakka woman than I already am). And I am really proud of my Hakka heritage, because I am very proud to be my dad’s daughter, and also because he tells me how tough and admirable Hakka women are. I also very much like how my dad was brought up and his family values and all. So yes, this is the special place that these dishes have in my heart.

I haven’t gotten down to making the Yong Tau Fu yet, because I can’t seem to get all the ingredients here, so I am figuring out what substitutes I will use. Hubby is already asking me when I am going to make it again.


Ok, back to the food pictures for the week:

Noodle machine which I bought together with my da sao at Ang Mo Kio after our noodle lesson with my aunt

Noodles were frozen for storage

Almost in true Hakka style, except that there was no bean sprouts and chye sim. We used to eat these homemade noodles every Chinese New Year. My whole family LOVES it. Unfortunately, my version still tastes far from the ones my aunt makes. I will keep trying!

My mum used to cook this for us. Nostalgia 🙂

Kecap manis chicken. Got the recipe from one of my friends here. I was supposed to use ginger garlic paste, but I tried to grind my own instead, and my food processor broke down halfway. So it tasted a little too garlic-ey with the big chunks of garlic...

Cereal prawns, zi char style! Got this recipe from a cookbook that my mother-in-law gave to me. I used quaker oats, which I figure is not quite right because it doesn't taste like the ones at the zi char stalls. It was also a little too oily and salty. Will try this again with the minor tweaks.

Teriyaki chicken pasta. Finally found the sake for making the teriyaki sauce at the petrol kiosk. I found it too salty, but hubby found it just nice. Recipe from Rasa Malaysia.

Spring onion beef, recipe from the same zi char recipe book from my mother-in-law. This was pretty yummy!

Beef stew. I wasn't very successful. Was too watery, and tasted like something was missing. Maybe I didn't put enough butter. I will try again with the new recipe which Joycelyn sent me!


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  1. babe!!! your blog is lovely, keep up the good work! very proud of you!!

    btw i cldn’t resist commenting on this post. for the mai pian xia, use nestum!

    • haha thanks babe!!! 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion, I always need ALL the help I can get!!! hehe. I have been looking out for nestum at the grocery stores around, but haven’t found it yet!! I think I may have to just buy it online.

      miss u all SO much!


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