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6th week of cooking

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It’s the 6th week of cooking, and I’m enjoying cooking more and more 🙂 The menu started out Asian (only for 1 day), and quickly became Western for the rest of the week.

Because of my hubby’s greatly ‘Ang Moh’ tastebuds, I bought a new cookbook at a fantastic bargain books sale. The book, Comfort Food Diet Cookbook was only going for $6+, and came with a free one year subscription of the Healthy Cooking magazine. I have tried out a few of the recipes in week 6, and I’m looking forward to trying a couple of the low calorie dessert recipes over the next few weeks. I figure, if I really have to cook Ang Moh food, then I might as well cook the healthier options. The recipes in this book are tasting pretty good so far!

Menu of the week: Lemongrass fish, steamed egg with spicy bean paste, chicken with mushroom sauce, dijon-crusted fish, baked onion rings, baked spicy salmon, and banana bread (cake).

Lemongrass fish

Steamed egg with spicy bean paste sauce

Side note on the steamed egg:

This was a breakthrough in my ‘egg steaming career’ – which consists of a grand total of 2 attempts so far. Haha. Yes, that’s really how little I have ever cooked in my life. I was impressed that the steamed egg came out super smooth with no bubbles or holes whatsoever. This is because I followed the tips from the No More Failed Recipes – All about Steaming recipe book:

1. Add about 2 cups stock/water for 1 cup egg (hubby found it a little too soft although I thought it was ok, so I will have to further play with this ratio)

2. Use high heat only at the beginning of the steaming, for about 3 minutes. Reduce to low heat subsequently. This prevents bubbles, and prevents the egg from becoming tough

3. Strain the beaten egg through a strainer

4. Cover the egg steaming dish with cling wrap/aluminum foil so that it comes out smooth!

Chicken with mushroom sauce - from Comfort Food Diet Cookbook

Dijon-crusted fish - from Comfort Food Diet Cookbook. No frying, all baked... very healthy!

Baked onion rings - from Comfort Food Diet Cookbook

Side note on the baked onion rings:

Somehow, the breadcrumbs mixtures wasn’t sticking to the onion rings very well. I took really long to coat just half an onion’s worth of rings with the breadcrumbs. I got so tired, I was tempted to just throw the rest of the onion away. In the end, I just dumped the rest of the onions into the next dish!

The recipe book’s steps were to first dip into egg substitute (I just used beaten egg), then into the bread crumb mixture. Saw another recipe on allrecipes that says to dip into flour, then egg-flour batter, then bread crumbs. This sounds like it makes more sense. I think I’ll try this method of coating onion rings the next time, but will still try to bake it.

Asparagus with onions and mushrooms... This is where the rest of the onion went!

Spicy baked salmon

Side note on the spicy baked salmon:

Recipe from Big Oven. I didn’t have paprika, so I just added a little more cayenne pepper. The combination of spices was nice,  just that 30 min in the oven was too long, so it was a little dry. My salmon fillet was probably a little thinner so I should have cut down on the baking time.

Banana bread (cake) in the making

Freshly out from the oven! Love the aroma of the banana bread 🙂

Banana bread (cake) waiting to be sampled

Side note on the banana bread:

Recipe from Allrecipes. It was pretty nice, not too sweet! Being one of my first cakes ever, I was quite clueless about following the simplest of instructions… e.g. I wasn’t even sure of the basics of when to use the mixer, and when not to. So what I have learnt by consulting other wives is that I shouldn’t use the mixer when I’m mixing in the mashed bananas if I want to have banana bits. For this attempt, I actually used the mixer when mixing the mashed bananas just to be safe, so when eating this cake, I could taste the flavour of the banana, but not actually see or feel chunks of it.

Recent craze.. a smoothie a day for the both of us... With all sorts of different fruits!


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  1. That spicy baked salmon looks great. Yum. I love to cook. Recently I have been using a book called The Real Food Diet Cookbook by Dr. Josh Axe. So many yummy and healthy recipes.


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