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First sewing project – Plastic Bag Dispenser

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I have completed my first sewing project! It’s a plastic bag dispenser, which eliminates the need for us to fold our plastic bags… Just stuff from the top, and pull out from the bottom.

I compared the instructions from 2 sites – the Martha Stewart website and another online tutorial. In the end, I followed more of the other online tutorial because the Martha Stewart one was working more with a dish towel with a hem as the base, but I had already purchased cloth (of course, without hems) from Walmart. I followed the tutorial pretty closely, with the exception of having to sew the brown cloth onto the white cloth – the tutorial’s cloth already came with some form of layering of cloths.

I chose white & light brown cloths to go in harmony with the rough colour theme of our house, and, in particular, the toilet, where the dispenser would ultimately belong (already have one Ikea plastic bag dispenser for the kitchen).

I must say that my workmanship leaves much to be desired, with some crooked stitches and stuff. Haha. But I am thankful that at least, it generally looks like a plastic bag dispenser, and can hold the bags without falling apart! 🙂 It’s a good thing that I picked this fairly simple project as my first, if not it might well have become my last project!

Just out of the box, ready for its first project

'raw' materials from walmart, bought together with the machine

the completed plastic bag dispenser!!

plastic bag dispenser again!

Plastic bags can be pulled out from the bottom


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  1. i’m so proud of u!!!!!!!

  2. wow dear very pretty! i guess it’s only a mattter of time before u’re sewing pretty breezy blouses to wear with leggings .. haha! saw some at GAP just now – just find nice material. design can be simple, eh? sewing is prob one thing I can never do. too precise for me!

    • hehe thanks! 🙂 wah… err… pretty breezy blouses sounds really ambitious to me at the moment… I hope I will arrive there somehow, someday! haha.


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