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8th week of cooking

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This was a fairly relaxed week because I had to cook only for myself… Hubby wasn’t able to eat any meals at home. But this also meant that I had to repeat chicken in various forms for a few days cos I had to defrost 1 whole bag of 5 chicken thighs!

Menu: tomyum vermicelli, ‘claypot chicken rice’, chicken noodles, chicken pasta, salmon in a bag.

Tomyum... finally! But the cheater-bug way, using the box of tomyum powder which I bought from Thailand!

'claypot rice', cooked in a rice cooker

used BA KWA in place of the taiwan sausages that are typically seen in claypot chicken rice!

Left over chicken which couldn't fit into the claypot chicken rice... with noodles, and the most lovely Taho chili 🙂

The same chicken AGAIN, with turkey breast and pasta

Salmon in a bag... recipe from 'No more failed recipes'


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  1. Babe, looks super yum! Can really see u improving by the week! V awesome 😉 must be sian to eat by yrself tho! ;( haha I’m having dinner on my own this wk too – galvs has musical rehearsals every night till performance this wkend!

    • haha still trial and error! the blogs you recommended helped SO much! I think I’m beginning to understand why you like cooking.. hehe… you can meet up with the gals for dinner!!!

  2. Wow, the dishes sure looks good. Don’t mind your chicken dishes every day with short breaks in between 🙂

    • thank you for always being so encouraging! hehe… I hope to be able to whip up awesome meals for you this fall!

  3. Tomyum dish looks so yummy! Better than the one we had at oub centre level5… 🙂 well done!

    • hehe it’s the instant powder that can’t go very wrong. much better tasting than the one I made from scratch when you all came to our place for sure! hahaha

  4. I like this food post best!! 🙂 -thumbs up- I’m also having dinner alone this whole week cos Nat is in HK! 😦 When’s our next video-conferencing date?

    • haha y do you like this one best? 😛 you can go back to your parents’ place for dinner more then! Let’s make it real soon!!

      • Nat’s going to be overseas next week so… I booked a trip myself to Bangkok! Am going to bring my Joyce Meyer book there to read while spa-ing! Can video-conference with you week after next! When is Mark’s next night shift week?

      • wow so shiok! I miss BKK massage and shopping and eating!!!! week after next sounds good!!! 🙂

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