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9th week of cooking

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This was a tiring week of cooking 2 meals a day. Tiring but fun. šŸ™‚ managed to experiment with more recipes!

Menu of the week includes: curry fried fish with noodles, wuxi ribs (cheater version), sukiyaki beef, chawanmushi, oven fried fish nuggets, pasta, ‘claypot’ chicken rice (different recipe from last week), carrot cake a.k.a. cai dao kuey, salmon in a bag, salmon soup, tom yum soup, basil chicken, mango sticky rice.

Bonus dish made together with other wives: rice dumpling a.k.a. ba zhang

Curry fried fish with soupy noodles

Decided to do a variation of the fried fish noodles which I have been making since I learnt it from Jaclyn. After frying the fish, fry some garlic, add fish, and curry powder.

Wuxi ribs, recipe from 'No more failed recipes'. cheater version because I took the ribs which I used to make pork soup stock, so they were already soft!

After making this dish, I have decided that I will henceforth ‘braise’ whatever meats I use for my soup stocks.

Sukiyaki beef, recipe from foodnetwork

This is my favourite dish of the week. Googled and looked up my cookbooks for sukiyaki beef recipes, and decided on this one from foodnetwork, because the author is Jap! haha. And it turned out to be a fantastic recipe. It’s pretty easy to make too. That very night, the recipe was added to my Paula Dean recipe box (I add all super yummy recipes discovered into the box).

Only parts which I didn’t follow for the recipe were: I didn’t have wagyu beef/fat, so I used mock chuck beef; used mini portobello mushrooms instead of shiitake; no enoki, chrysanthemum leaves, and yam noodles.

I figured that since there was sukiyaki beef, there should be chawanmushi! chawanmushi recipe from Rasa Malaysia

Oven fried fish nuggets (forgot to photograph them before eating, and was only left with a few!). recipe from comfort food diet cookbook

pasta and some randomly seasoned chicken thighs (was rushing out for rice dumpling wrapping!)

It was a frantically prepared lunch because I running quite late for the rice dumpling appointment. It’s great to have lots of spices in the kitchen. I didn’t have time to prepare a happening chicken dish, so I just dumped on things like rosemary, thyme, italian herbs mix, pepper… whatever was in my line of sight!

'claypot' chicken rice in a rice cooker. this time, I used the Rasa Malaysia recipe, which I prefer to last week's attempt!

I love this recipe from Rasa Malaysia so much more than the one I made previously. Definitely adding this to the recipe box. Rasa Malaysia is such a blessing to me. haha.. I have been trying out so many of the recipes from there… And they have been yummy!

White radish cake for the cai dao kuey, made together with Stacey the night before. Recipe from Rasa Malaysia.

cai dao kuey... unfortunately, doesn't taste quite like the hawker centre ones. I think I need more practice!

the black version!

Salmon in a bag, seasoned with my home grown lemon basil leaves

I just wanted to use up the lemon basil leaves which I had cut out the night before, so I chopped them up and rubbed them on with salt and black pepper (I shall write a post on why I cut the leaves out).

The baked salmon in a bag was for hubby, and this soup was for me! Was inspired to make salmon soup because daddy told me that er ge and Gerry made salmon soup! haha... And that sparked off a craving for it!

Tom Yum ingredients

Tom Yum soup!

Lemon basil chicken, recipe from Rasa Malaysia. Used my home grown lemon basil leaves once again!

It's now half of this size after the salmon and lemon basil chicken dishes. haha

Mango sticky rice, recipe from Kimberly. Unfortunately, I think I soaked the rice for too long, so it became quite soggy. Sobs...



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  1. 2 words: WOW YUMMY

  2. Hey! I just came across your blog. all the food looks awesome! I must try the sukiyaki beef one day! How r you enjoying all your newfound hobbies? Can’t imagine you both have gone for almost 3 months come July! Next time i will be the one gettin recipes from u. Tried the herbal egg yet?

    • Hey sis! Hope that all is well with you!! šŸ™‚ Hehe still enjoying the hobbies, hope I don’t give up anytime soon! Yes, time really flies! I’m waiting for a serious craving to hit, or for a gathering to use the herbal egg. Must use really wisely, for maximum utility and enjoyment since it’s limited! haha…


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