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2nd sewing project: a fork and spoon pouch

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One of my daily responsibilities is to pack hubby’s lunch/dinner for him to eat at office. There is, however, one very important thing which I very often forget to do, leaving him to have to beg/borrow… and that is to pack him a set of fork and spoon! Woops!!!

I have been doing it in a very environmentally unfriendly manner, packing the cutlery in new plastic bags everyday. I have been searching for takeaway boxes with compartments for a set of cutlery, unfortunately, to no avail. Perhaps, my discomfort with being so environmentally unfriendly has subconsiously made me repeatedly forget to pack them in for hubby. Ok, I know it’s an excuse!

Anyhow, I finally thought of a solution, and settled it once and for all today! A fork and spoon pouch!!

I googled for such a project, and found one post with instructions on it. Thankfully, it was just what I needed! Here’s some pics!

my $6 jeans from BKK which I have been wearing very regularly for almost 4 years... about to be given a 'new life'


the fork and spoon have finally found their home

I hope that I will never forget to pack the fork and spoon ever again!

I am actually VERY tempted to sew on some bright and happy flower buttons that I bought from Walmart recently… but I shall resist at all costs, since this is after all going to be hubby’s and not mine! haha


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  1. You had it all sewn up with love. He he.

  2. I love this!!! It’s so functional and pretty!!! 🙂


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