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10th week of cooking

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Wow, it’s already the 10th week of cooking! How time flies! Food of the week…

Monday – Teochew porridge with condiments (a lighter meal after a weekend of feasting!)

Teochew porridge with chai poh omelette, cabbage, sambal ikan bilis, and spicy black bean paste miced pork

My first time ever trying to cook Teochew porridge! So as with most things I cook, I had to google how to make the porridge, and I found my answer here! The only thing is that 0.5 cup of rice was too little for us, and hubby found it a little watery for his personal liking (although I thought that Teochew porridge is meant to be a little watery. haha)

According to hubby, the accompanying dishes taste correct! Yay!

Recipe for the omelette from Rasa Malaysia; spicy bean paste pork adapted from ‘No more failed recipes’; cabbage cooked with randomly added condiments (garlic, oyster sauce, fish sauce, pepper, sugar, sesame oil and finally thickened with cornstarch solution).

Tuesday – Homemade linguine with onion-garlic chicken

homemade pasta made together with Stacey! took 3 long hours!!! recipe from Jamie Oliver

Second time using my noodle maker, this time for pasta! We used the Jamie Oliver recipe, which turned out to be an awesome choice! Everyone who ate it loved it. I actually compared it against other pasta recipes I found online, and it has many more steps than the others. The next time, Stacey and I are going to try to cut down on some of the steps, just to taste for ourselves the difference that the additional steps make.

homemade pasta with bottled pasta sauce and chicken

I had actually planned on cooking pandan chicken for dinner and had already taken the chicken out of the freezer, but I couldn’t resist having really fresh pasta, so I had to cook the chicken some other way. In the end, I just dumped some onion powder and garlic powder onto the chicken thighs, and fried them with a little butter. Turned out quite ok!

Wednesday – Portuguese egg tarts, Pandan chicken, bulgogi beef

portuguese egg tarts, recipe from Rasa Malaysia

Was trying out this dish as a potential item for a potluck. Recipe from Rasa Malaysia. Unfortunately, I forgot to do one very important step… which is to sieve the egg mixture… thus explaining the holes in the tarts! In the end, I couldn’t give any of this away since it wasn’t presentable at all! So they became our snack for a few days…

pandan leave chicken, recipe from rasa malaysia

Pandan leave chicken, recipe from Rasa Malaysia. I think I fried them for too long, so they became dry and hard. Also, I think I put too much ginger juice (just squeezed and didn’t fully follow the measurements), so it was a little gingery… Plus, there was no pandan leave taste… discussed this with Joyce (one of the wives here), and she found me some explanations for my problems online (frozen pandan leaves which we get here have a weaker pandan smell, and you have to wash with cold water so as to retain the smell)… and I also found some instructions on how to wrap the chicken fully so that it retains the juices. Shall try again!!

Turned out to be a little of a sian day for me… 2 failed dishes in a day, and I ended up busting my transformer which I need in order to use my SG appliances. So I had to cook rice on the stove with a pot, and had hard gingery chicken to go with the watery slimy rice! haha. One good thing that came out of it is that I was forced to learn how to cook rice without a rice cooker.

Thank God for His provision, Jing Yi generously donated her rice cooker to me yesterday! πŸ™‚ yay! no more rice stuck to the bottom of my pots!

bulgogi beef using simple marinade recipe from rasa malaysia

ok, this was the saving dish of the night, given that we had soggy rice and hard chicken. I will definitely be repeating this dish many times, because of how simple and delicious it is. Marinade recipe from Rasa Malaysia.

Friday – Homemade angel hair with homemade tomato cream sauce

homemade angel hair with tomato-cream sauce

My first ‘from scratch’ pasta sauce. Jaslyn gave me her whipping cream because she was going on holiday, and gave me the idea of using the cream for pasta sauce. I also searched the Big Oven app for some ideas, and these are the ingredients I finally added, given whatever I had in my kitchen… whipping cream, prawns, mushrooms, Italian herb mix, tomatoes, salt, and grated Parmesan cheese.


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  1. One “bad” day with “not so nice” dishes is actually very good considering the number of new menu items you have been bringing to the table. Keep it up my girl. I will be having a feasting time very soon. πŸ™‚

  2. hello dear! for the pandan chicken, can try paper-baked chicken instead πŸ™‚ similar effect and I think can solve the dry and tough chicken problem

    This is a basic recipe, think can find more online and adapt those. I had this recently at yum cha, am waiting for a chance to try it out!

  3. oops forgot to include link. pls see above, for your reference. oops! see my civil service speak come out hahaha


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