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11th week of cooking

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11th week of cooking! Menu of the week includes Bulgogi beef ribs, chicken rice, teriyaki cod, croquette, grilled vegetables, red wine beef stew, and lasagna.

simple bulgogi short ribs, using my new George Foreman grill!

We recently bought a George Foreman grill from Walmart, and I’m really excited about using it! So I repeated the simple bulgogi marinade recipe from Rasa Malaysia, this time on beef short ribs, and grilled them. It only took about 5 minutes!

chicken rice cooked over the stove because of my busted transformer

chicken rice chili! combination of ingredients advised by Kimberly 🙂 unfortunately I think my proportions were not quite there... too much garlic and ginger I think!

chicken rice! complete with homemade chili, and cilantro that was grown from seeds at home! yay!

This is one of the first few dishes which I learnt from Stacey’s mum in my first few weeks here. Finally tried making it on my own… Hubby liked it!

teriyaki cod, potato croquette, and grilled zucchini & asparagus

The teriyaki cod is a repeated dish from one of the previous weeks.

I decided at the last minute to do the potato croquette cos I needed to use up the potatoes, and I thought I should do something Jap-ish to go with the cod. Since it was a last minute decision, I didn’t have bottled tonkatsu sauce, and had to make my own… I referred to this website, but I didn’t have some of the ingredients either. It only tasted 50% like the actual thing I think. Thankfully hubby wasn’t fussy and was ok with it. hehe.

I bought zucchini for the first time in my life. Decided to grill the veggies with my new grill again. Yes, I really am quite excited about the grill. I researched for some recipes on grilled asparagus/zucchini, and decided on just ‘marinating’ the veggies in ‘spiced’ olive oil (olive oil whisked in the food processor with lemon basil, italian herbs, and oregano).

red wine stewed chicken/Coq au Vin

Decided to make this stew to use up the potatoes. Found this recipe while searching for thermal cooker recipes… Found some other recipes which seem to be quite different though. I will probably want to try this food network one out the next time, since it has 5 stars! The thing about stews is that they are normally cooked in such large quantities. We ate this for a few days!!

The last dish for the week was lasagna… Didn’t manage to take photos because I was rushing out of the house to go for a Rodeo. Woops!


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  1. My first “attack” will be the chicken rice 🙂


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