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12th week of cooking

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This was again a relatively short week because it was the 4th July long weekend. Since we were preparing for our Yellowstone National Park trip, I wasn’t too adventurous with the menu, and did a few repeat dishes (sukiyaki beef and teriyaki chicken). Food of the week…

Monday – Garlic dark sauce tilapia

This dish was easy, tasted ok, but also not a dish that you’d remember. Will prob repeat this dish when I’m lazy and tired! 😛

Garlic dark sauce chicken, recipe from 'no more failed recipes'

Tuesday – Sukiyaki beef with agedashi tofu

Agedashi tofu was promising, but I used the wrong tofu… Used medium instead of soft. Have bought the soft one and will be trying again real soon! Recipe from Rasa Malaysia.

Agedashi tofu, recipe from Rasa Malaysia + repeated dish sukiyaki beef

Wednesday – Hakka homemade noodles, Bak Chor Mee style!!

This is the 2nd time I’m making noodles on my own, and it had to be after a pretty intensive gym session! Regretted my decision to make it halfway through, was aching the next day, but I guess the outcome made up for it! hehe. Hubby gave the thumbs up!!

In all, including preparation of the side ingredients, this meal prob took hours to prepare!

Components of this meal include: minced meat and mushrooms, recipe from Jingyi; noodles, recipe from foodmadewithlove (will probably try to add shallot oil the next time); wanton, recipe from Rasa Malaysia; fishballs donated by Shiying!

Hakka homemade noodles, this time bak chor mee style!

Thursday – Teriyaki chicken (repeated dish)

Teriyaki chicken


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  1. Given a choice, I would go for a bak chor mee + tofu combo meal. Slurp!!!

  2. Hope you enjoyed the noodles! (: Looks great!


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