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20th Week of Cooking

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Was feeling a little lazy this week, so I made mostly hassle-free dishes. Will be more adventurous next week!

Chicken Curry (Premix) and veg

I haven’t been using my premixes, and decided that I really need to start using them before they expire mid next year. Followed the Rasa Malaysia Recipe for the veg. It was nice!

chicken noodle

Used the Rasa Malaysia recipe for this chicken noodle. Was quite yummy! Just that my chicken didn’t char like the one in her pic.. I think it’s because I poured in all the marinade together with the chicken. Oh well…


minced pork mushroom noodles

Minced pork mushroom noodles… daddy’s hakka-style. Marinated the minced pork with fish sauce, pepper, and a little soya sauce. Stir fried the pork with sliced mushroom, mushroom water, and some chicken stock (to make enough gravy for the noodles). Added oyster sauce and soya sauce to taste. Poured over the boiled noodles. Yum yum… reminds me of my beloved daddy! 🙂

steak with butter veg and gold yukon mashed potato

This was such an easy Sunday dinner to put together.. and just for the fun of comparing the cost of this home cooked meal vs eating out, I calculated the cost of this meal for the 2 of us. It came up to a grand total of $4!! For 2 of us!

Zucchini and sliced mushrooms stir-fried with butter, pepper, and salt; Beef tenderized with baking soda for about 10 min before washing off, and marinated with McCormick Spicy Montreal Steak Seasoning, black pepper, salt, and a little bit of rosemary. Grilled to a perfect medium on our mini electric grill by hubby!


19th Week of Cooking

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Posting less pictures this week, because I won’t be posting the repeat dishes. 🙂

Pan fried salmon and gold yukon mashed potatoes

Salmon fillet marinated with the Seattle Salmon Rub that I bought from World Spice Merchant at Seattle, and coated with flour. I ate some very nice gold yukon mashed potato at a restaurant in Seattle, and have since been very inspired to make my own! Unfortunately it still doesn’t quite taste the same…

my first whole roasted chicken!

Roasting a whole chicken turned out to be so much easier than expected! Will become a dish I make when I am feeling lazier. haha. Followed the recipe from Noob Cook, and also did the soup stock using the carcass of the roasted chicken. I’ve got to say it’s one of the tastiest chicken soup stocks I have made so far… So yes, this will definitely be a repeated dish!! 😛

first 'from scratch' pizza

Followed the Jamie Oliver recipe for pizza dough (still have some frozen in my fridge). Topped it with bbq sauce, chicken (from the roasted chicken dish), mushrooms, spinach, and mozzarella cheese.

18th week of cooking

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Spicy honey chicken, recipe from Rasa Malaysia

This spicy honey chicken was pretty yummy and easy to make, although it involves deep frying, which I’m trying not to do so much of. Looking at the pic of this on Rasa Malaysia never fails to make me hungry at night (which is when I usually read cooking blogs and think about what to cook… prob not the best time to do so!)

Honey soy salmon + agedashi tofu (have probably done it about 6 times already, trying to get it right. haha.. plus, I like eating agedashi tofu anyway!)

This almost bourdain recipe tells you to coat the salmon with flour before pan frying to give it a more crispy texture. Loving it, and will be coating salmon with flour more often from now on!

braised chicken with carrot and mushrooms, recipe from Noobcook

This braised chicken recipe from noobcook is officially my favourite for braised chicken! Hubby was all praises for this dish too.

Herb grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli

A more ‘ang moh’ style packed dinner to keep hubby happy amidst all the Asian dishes. Followed this allrecipes recipe for the mashed potatoes, with the addition of garlic powder and crushed Italian herbs.

Grilled chicken recipe is from a grilling magazine which SY gave to me for my birthday. Basically marinated with lemon juice, dried thyme, salt, and pepper.

Satay fried rice!

I had some leftover satay marinade and sauce from the previous week (week 17 of cooking). I was about to make satay again, when I thought, why not take a shortcut and fry the chicken pieces with rice, to make Satay fried rice! (I really was just lazy to skewer the chicken pieces again.. woops!) I’m not even sure if there’s really such a dish.

So, this is what I did… Stir fry the satay-marinated chicken thigh pieces, add cooked rice, satay sauce, sugar, salt, fish sauce, kecap manis, and pepper. Top with fried egg drizzled with kecap manis and garnish with fried shallots.

hubby's favourite... burger! with brussel sprouts

We bought Angus Beef patties from Costco a while back, and there are still quite a few sitting in my freezer. This is one of the quickest meals to prepare, and it’s sure to make hubby happy.  I have to admit that I do also find these patties pretty yummy. I try not to make them too often though…

First time cooking brussel sprouts… Trying not to buy the same vegetables everytime… stir fried and simmered the brussel sprouts with bacon bits, garlic, chicken stock, salt and pepper.

New home for my sunglasses

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So, I never used to wear sunglasses much in SG, because I always felt like I looked a bit poser-ish if i did. Maybe it was all in my mind. But over here, I wear sunglasses all the time because the glare is just too much for my eyes to take! Plus, everyone here wears sunglasses too to protect their eyes, so you don’t feel poser-ish at all.

I finally got down to making a case for my sunglasses… Yes, I was just looking for simple things to make with my sewing machine. haha…

sunglasses and the 'raw material'

sunglasses in its new home



16th & 17th week of cooking

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Hubby came back from his work trip, so thus ends my ‘homemaker holiday’. But of course, I’m SO very happy that he’s finally back! 🙂

The food for the weekend and the week includes:

Broccoli beef, chive omelet, seaweed chicken, thai-inspired prawns with green beans, yong tau foo, chwee kueh, satay, kecap manis fish, and thai coconut curry fish.

Beef broccoli, recipe from Steamy kitchen; Chives omelet, recipe from Rasa Malaysia

This was the first meal the day that hubby returned. Just a simple homecooked meal with broccoli beef and chives omelet (because I chopped off a whole chunk of chive leaves from my chives plant).

Seaweed chicken... marinade recipe was from Rasa Malaysia's pandan chicken, which I previously tried making.

Deep-fried seaweed chicken, using rasa malaysia pandan chicken marinade

Hubby's lunch box.. sesame chicken and Thai-style prawn & green beans (prawns cooked in the way that Charis taught me... marinated with fish sauce, lime leaf and sugar)

Used jalapeno for the big chili... but it turned out tasting quite similar to the big chili normally used

FINALLY got down to making Hakka Yong Tau Foo! 🙂 Getting in touch with my roots of being Hakka once again.

Chwee Kueh... something wrong with it... only tastes about 50% like the actual one... the kueh was a little too gooey, and the chai poh just doesn't taste right... so sad... haha

Satay waiting to be grilled

woops, quite burnt! haha.. This was SUCH a tiring dish. the sauce alone took me so long to make because I had to toast the nuts, peel the skin, pound them.. and cut and blend all the ingredients. gosh.

Satay served complete with nasi lemak rice, kecap manis fish, and bean sprouts. Satay tasted too healthy cos I cut out ALL the fats from the meat.. haha

Was hoping to be able to give some satay to some neighbours, but unfortunately they tasted too healthy and far off from how Satay should taste (cos I cut out all the fats…). I don’t know what else went wrong… Have to analyse the recipe again vs what I actually did. Satay recipe from Rasa Malaysia, Kecap Manis fish was out of experimentation (marinated with oyster sauce, kecap manis and garlic. Salt added just before cooking).

Okie, that’s all for the last 2 weeks!