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20th Week of Cooking

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Was feeling a little lazy this week, so I made mostly hassle-free dishes. Will be more adventurous next week!

Chicken Curry (Premix) and veg

I haven’t been using my premixes, and decided that I really need to start using them before they expire mid next year. Followed the Rasa Malaysia Recipe for the veg. It was nice!

chicken noodle

Used the Rasa Malaysia recipe for this chicken noodle. Was quite yummy! Just that my chicken didn’t char like the one in her pic.. I think it’s because I poured in all the marinade together with the chicken. Oh well…


minced pork mushroom noodles

Minced pork mushroom noodles… daddy’s hakka-style. Marinated the minced pork with fish sauce, pepper, and a little soya sauce. Stir fried the pork with sliced mushroom, mushroom water, and some chicken stock (to make enough gravy for the noodles). Added oyster sauce and soya sauce to taste. Poured over the boiled noodles. Yum yum… reminds me of my beloved daddy! 🙂

steak with butter veg and gold yukon mashed potato

This was such an easy Sunday dinner to put together.. and just for the fun of comparing the cost of this home cooked meal vs eating out, I calculated the cost of this meal for the 2 of us. It came up to a grand total of $4!! For 2 of us!

Zucchini and sliced mushrooms stir-fried with butter, pepper, and salt; Beef tenderized with baking soda for about 10 min before washing off, and marinated with McCormick Spicy Montreal Steak Seasoning, black pepper, salt, and a little bit of rosemary. Grilled to a perfect medium on our mini electric grill by hubby!


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  1. Love to try your home minced meat noodles soon. 🙂

  2. Just helped Paul & Carol make 2kg flour worth of noodles yesterday and had minced pork plus mushroom noodles for dinner. Andrew came home in time to help rolling out the last 15mins worth of noodle strands 🙂 Gerry is in Australia. It was a good “refresher” for me 🙂


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