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21st Week of Cooking

Baked flounder

Got this recipe from AllRecipes… Was trying to find a way to cook the flounder which does have a little fishy smell, and is so flaky when cooked that it’s hard to handle without it falling apart. My personal conclusion is that it’s best to bake the flounder so that I don’t have to flip it. I replaced the recipe’s majoram with oregano, and pre-panfried the mushrooms and green onions briefly before placing the fillets on top.

It turned out that hubby loved this dish! I couldn’t quite believe that he liked it so much. He was actually disappointed that the next day’s lunch wasn’t this baked flounder. Haha.. he even raved about it for a few days after. Definitely has to go into my recipe box then!

Making full use of the home made noodles, wanton noodles style

Char Siew, recipe from Rasa Malaysia

Invited SY over for the homemade noodles dinner so that she wouldn’t have to cook the noodles herself after a long day’s work. The char siew was actually quite simple to make… just pre-marinate 2 days before, then bake, and char the pieces! Used them for the wonton mee dinner, hubby’s charsiew rice for lunch the next day, and char siew bun (will post the pic next week).

tonkatsu, recipe from Rasa Malaysia

This was a quick dinner because I was feeling lazy, and wanted to ‘close’ the kitchen early for the long weekend! ๐Ÿ˜›


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  1. 6 more days and you will have to cook for one more “adult consumer”. ๐Ÿ™‚


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