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Trip to Red Fish Lake & Sun Valley (3-4 Sept 2011)

Realised that I haven’t been updating the blog on our holidays and adventures. Tsk myself! I really should, so that I would have proper ‘records’ of our 2 years here. So I will start now, before I generate further backlog. This post is about our most recent getaway (the posts will not be in chronological order due to how much backlog I have)

On this trip, we went to Red Fish Lake and Sun Valley. Sun Valley is supposed to be where the rich and famous holiday and ski. There were photos of Marilyn Monroe, Arnold, etc there. Apparently, a lot of celebrities have vacation homes there too.

Scenery on the way to Red Fish Lake

All the ladies!

Hubby at the Redfish Lake, Stanley

The water was super clear

I wanted to take these, but it's a good thing we didn't. Would have taken us forever to cover the whole lake!

Always happy to drive the boat

Such lovely scenery at the lake

Outdoor ice-skating rink at Sun Valley

you can dine here while watching the ice show at the ice-skating rink

Ice show! LOVED it so much. Lots of star performers.. Olympic medalists, US champions... Jaw-dropping stunts!

Side note on the Ice Show… We were the only ‘swa ku’ ones who didn’t know that we had to bring blankets to cover the very cold metal benches. Everyone else was so well-equipped with thick, fluffy blankets and puffy jackets!

car auction for all the happening vintage cars! Truly a place for the rich and famous.

the chair lift that we took to the top of Bald Mountain

Scenery from the peak of Bald Mountain


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  1. This is what I call a holiday.


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