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22nd week of cooking

My daddy will be reaching tomorrow!!! 🙂 YAY! Very excited! So, I may not be updating this blog for the next 3 weeks…

Sausage buns

Char Siew Bun, using the same dough

I wanted to make full use of the Char Siew I made the previous week, and decided to make some buns! Unfortunately, the bread wasn’t as soft as I hoped and imagined it to be. I will be trying this recipe next time.

Corn soup! The corns were going at 8 for $1 at walmart. haha

SY told me how she cooks her corn soup, and it sounded very nice. I didn’t have all the ingredients though, so I kinda improvised a little. Final ingredients: corn, boneless pork ribs, dates, carrot, yellow onion, bay leaves, salt.

Claypot braised tofu, recipe from Rasa Malaysia

I really loved this recipe from Rasa Malaysia. Added more mushrooms, veg, and egg. Have a thing for claypots these days. Looking at any claypot dish just makes me salivate! haha. Maybe I really do miss SG.

Kung Pao Chicken, recipe from Rasa Malaysia

Kung Pao Chicken! Haven’t eaten this at all since I came here. Finally!

Baked rice, recipe from Noob Cook

the 'liao' includes Spam a.k.a. luncheon meat, mushrooms, chicken...

Baked rice!! Recipe from Noobcook. Quite nice!

Economic bee hoon! Bee Hoon recipe from Rasa Malaysia

Economic bee hoon, recipe from Rasa Malaysia… To finish up the can of Spam used for the baked rice dish.

Cornmeal bread

I had a most random craving – for cornmeal bread. And since I had corn in my fridge, I decided to try baking them. Used this recipe, which turned out to be pretty ok, just that I cut the amount of sugar for fear of them being too sweet… And in the end, they were too bland to enjoy!

Kenny Rogers style lunch

Since I was doing cornbread, I thought I should do a Kenny Rogers style meal! Complete with roasted chicken and mashed potato. I followed this recipe which was quite nice, just that I should probably cut the salt by HALF!


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