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23rd Week of Cooking

I’m back to my usual routine of cooking and gyming, after a very awesome and blessed ‘break’ the past month… 3 weeks of my daddy here, and 1 week on holiday @ Vegas. I’m now refreshed and recharged for my journey of cooking and wifely duties. haha

Karen, my neighbour, was very sweet to bless me with a Rasa Malaysia cookbook, knowing that I always use recipes from the blog. In this posting, I have already made 2 dishes from that book (Char Siew and Sio Ba a.k.a crispy pork)! Some of the recipes are the same, while there are others which seem to have been refined from the blog. E.g. on the blog, she says to char the char siew over the stove fire/bbq fire; in the book, she says to broil it. And the broiling gave a much nicer ‘char’!

Char Siew, 2nd try... this time using the Rasa Malaysia Cookbook

tempura a lot of things.. prawn, mushroom, green beans... Rasa Malaysia blog

1st try making tempura from scratch and it was much easier than I expected! Another time, we tried making it with a tempura batter, and it didn’t adhere to the food very well. This Rasa Malaysia recipe adheres to the food very well, and making it from scratch means that I don’t have to specially buy an additional item for my pantry. This is going into my recipe box!

Tempura served with soba and salmon

first attempt at sio ba! recipe from Rasa Malaysia Cookbook (also available on the blog, but slightly different)

Hubby has been going on about how his colleague’s wife made very nice sio ba. So I took the unintentional hint, and decided to try making it too! It was only a 50% success, unfortunately. The skin was not crisped evenly. Hubby had a discussion with his colleagues and concluded that it’s because I didn’t poke the skin enough! haha. The marinate for the bottom part of the meat was nice though.

served with sweet sauce beef, recipe from Rasa Malaysia Blog

Made this very simple beef dish from Rasa Malaysia. Minimal preparation and ingredients, and no marinating time required… a good dish when I’m lazy!

Bulgogi chicken, recipe from Rasa Malaysia Blog

The Rasa Malaysia recipe called for pork belly… But considering that we just took in that much belly the day before, I used chicken instead. Verdict: YUMMY! And easy to make! Tastes like the bulgogi back home! hubby was disappointed that it wasn’t going to be in his dinnerbox.

Cereal Chicken

My second attempt at cereal something (when I first came, I tried making cereal prawns.. which didn’t quite work out too well). Thanks to Kimbery and my daddy, I now have the correct Nestum oats!!! And I loved how this dish turned out!

This recipe was adapted from the Cereal Prawns recipe in the ‘No More Failed Recipes – Zi Char’ book.


  • 3 Chicken breast, sliced
  • 1 Chili padi, chopped
  • some curry leaves
  • butter
  • Nestum oats
  • Corn flour
  • Salt
  • Sugar


  • Coat chicken breast slices with corn flour and fry till almost golden brown. Remove and drain on paper towels.
  • Melt some butter in pan, add nestum oats, and fry over low heat till golden brown and crispy.
  • Melt some butter in pan and fry chili padi, curry leaves. Add salt and sugar to taste. Add chicken pieces and stir to combine. Add oats to coat well.

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  1. Next visit, you must make sio bak for me!!! Love sio bak, but due constraints and restrain, didn’t have it for a long, long … time. Haha.

    • haha yes, I will make for you… and we will walk more too! I must try to perfect it before you come over again! 🙂


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