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24th & 25th week of cooking

It seems that spinach is in season now, and I’m loving it! Tried this Superior Stock Spinach from Noobcook, and it was yummy! Was a hit with hubby too. He kept saying that it smelt so good!Used mushrooms and the tomatoes harvested from my garden because I didn’t have century eggs.

Superior stock spinach

Hubby has been talking about Bibimbap quite often in the past weeks, so I decided to finally get down to making it for him, but with a claypot since I don’t have the stone bowl. Used the recipe from Rasa Malaysia. Didn’t quite work out… The problem was that I had the wrong Korean hot paste. I will need to drive 1 hour away to get it from the Korean supermarket! I think it will be quite a while before I attempt this again. Too much effort, and I don’t exactly love eating Bibimbap anyway. haha

dishes for the bibimbap


Hubby and I usually don’t eat too many cookies because we are more of savoury people. But for some strange reason, I kept thinking about the aroma of freshly baked cookies for several days. I finally gave in to my persistent craving, and baked some cookies! This recipe from Rasa Malaysia is YUMMYLICIOUS! I think it’s the first time I’ve seen hubby eat so much cookies in a given period. I think I’ll make another batch tomorrow if I feel up to it.

Cookies from Rasa Malaysia. Yum yum yum!

Last new dish for the 2 weeks is mei cai kou rou, recipe from Noobcook. Kristine told me I could use Shoulder Butt instead of the Pork belly as a less fatty option… So that’s what I did. The preserved veg was still a little too salty. I think I probably didn’t soak it enough. The meat tasted nice though!

mei cai kou rou

PS: This batch of photos have this ugly yellow tint to it because I forgot to change the settings on my camera… still in cloudy mode for shooting the red rocks for our last holiday!


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