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26th-28th Week of Cooking

I’m increasingly lagging behind on my cooking posts… woops!

Before I post the pics of the new dishes I have tried… let me present the new addition to my kitchen! It all started with a dream… I dreamt that I couldn’t produce nice food with wok ‘hei’, and when I woke up, I immediately started searching for a wok online and msging Kristine for advice. Before the morning was over, I had bought myself a new wok! A real Chinese wok!! I have since been doing all sorts of things to season it (e.g. baking it in the oven, frying pork fat in it, giving it a ‘facial’, etc) I must say I have been having a lot of fun cooking and clanging with the wok!

my wok from the wok shop!

For the ‘grand opening’ of my wok, I decided to make fried radish cake! It seems to be better than the first time I made it! At least hubby liked this one, but didn’t like it the last time I made it! Same recipe I used previously from Rasa Malaysia. Still find the taste of the radish a little strong, so I’m gonna try to shred them smaller the next time.

first dish on my wok... fried radish cake!

Saw this dish on some food blog… decided to take one of my pre-marinated beef packs and wrap the lady fingers. I didn’t quite like the combination, and won’t be making it again. haha

okra beef rolls

I wanted to make some wontons for a simple noodle soup meal. Unfortunately, I found out the wonton skins had expired and grown mold! Woops! So I had to scramble to make the potsticker skins. As you can tell from the pic, the skin was too thick. I didn’t know how thinly I had to roll them out… But I guess the next time I make them, I will know better. This recipe is from the Rasa Malaysia cookbook.

pot stickers

Homemade mayonnaise… something I thought I’d never attempt in this lifetime. haha. I was ‘forced’ to because once again, I only realised that the bottle in the fridge had expired halfway through my food prep. I was too lazy to go out again to buy mayonnaise, and decided to attempt making my own. It’s a weird yellow cos of the mustard. The taste was okay… but not yummy (probably will look for another recipe the next time). I also found the taste of the extra virgin olive oil a little too strong. At the suggestion of Char, I shall try making this again the next time with some animal fat instead! The yummier choice.


This will be the last time that I make beef pho from scratch at home (unless I find a nice, reliable new recipe… any suggestions??). When I said that to hubby, he was like, ‘thank you!’ haha that’s saying a lot. Just tastes weird and worlds apart from those you get in the restaurants…

beef pho

I made some meatballs for the beef pho dish, and ended up with a lot of excess marinated minced meat. Used some of them for this bean sprout dish, and some for another meatball dish! Added fish sauce, hua diao jiu and pepper to the bean sprouts… just love the fragrance of the hua diao jiu in a bean sprouts dish 🙂

bean sprouts with minced pork

Another minced meat dish! Rolled them into big meatballs, fried them till golden brown, then simmered them on low heat in a claypot with chinese cabbage, water, dark soy sauce and salt. Just glad to finish up the minced meat!

stewed meat balls

Sweet and sour pork… a success! 🙂 I followed the recipe from the Rasa Malaysia cookbook, and just added about 1 more tablespoon of plum sauce (maybe my homemade plum sauce is not as strong as the store bought ones)…

sweet and sour pork


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