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Coupon Organizer

When I first came here and saw coupon organizers selling in the stores, I couldn’t understand why people would want to buy them. I’m just not used to shopping with coupons back in SG… Fast forward 7 months, and my wallet is bursting with an unorganised mess of coupons from the supermarkets and shops!

I finally got down to pulling out my sewing machine again after a long time of neglect, and sewed myself a coupon organizer! (I still owe queen Karen an apron and S a jewelry organiser, but haven’t gotten down to making them… seem to be more difficult, and I think it will help to practice on a few simpler projects before attempting those!)

I followed this very clear tutorial for this project. I would have liked brighter fabrics, but the ones I had didn’t quite match… so I’m back to using the leftovers from my plastic bag dispenser project.

Exterior of the coupon organizer

There are 4 categories… food, cleaning, beauty, and others…The look and feel doesn’t seem to match the exterior. Maybe if I can find some nicer, happier fabrics, I will make another organizer to match the categories, and look for some other use for this one. haha

PS: Note that the ‘cleaning’ category has a male slipper too… hiaks!

categories of the coupon organizer



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