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Girly buys that make me happy

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I have been guilty of spending some money on non-essentials for the kitchen just because they are pretty and make me happy. And they make me that much more excited about the everyday routine of cooking. I guess that it’s money well spent!

Presenting my girly buys…

  1. Paula Dean Recipe box ($5)… I have to admit that I never knew recipe boxes existed! I must be quite ‘swa ku’
  2. Paula Dean Recipe cards ($1 for a pack of 20)… Trying to write nicely on them cos they are so pretty.
  3. ‘Born to shop, forced to cook’ apron ($8)… I actually already had an apron, but just couldn’t resist getting this one.
  4. Paula Dean ‘Cooking makes you good lookin’ spoon holder ($2)


Our now more homely house!

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I FINALLY unpacked the last box yesterday, and tried to decorate some parts of the house with whatever items we brought over. Still feel like decorating the house a little more, but without spending much money since we will be here for only 2 years.

the highlight of my wardrobe - the accessories counter!! The 'tablecloth' is actually one of my beach sarong skirts + one of my scarfs; the 'plates' used to be in our kitchen in Singapore.

Living room

the wedding pic on the floor is supposed to be on the wall

Nest #2

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Before we can even celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary, here we are in our 2nd nest! It is the blessing of God that we get to stay in such a beautiful house and neighbourhood.

My brother says that our house and neighbourhood looks almost like a scene out of Desperate Housewives. So, I’ve never watched the series, but maybe I shall watch an episode just to see how similar it is!

Walk-in wardrobe! Waiting to be filled with the clothes that are still floating here...

Our Dining Room

kitchen with lots of storage space

The solution to clogged sinks, and kitchen waste bins that stink. Just grind any food waste that goes into the sink!

daily workout at home

1 of 3 rooms (they all look the same)

our car in the garage... which feels like a refrigerator every morning and night!