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My other new hobby – my mini herb garden

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One of the first few ‘hobbies’ I picked up after coming here was ‘gardening’. It’s not technically gardening, because I don’t grow the plants in the garden, but indoors. Mainly because the weather is not right yet for the plants that I have. It has been a fun and pretty satisfying journey so far, although I probably don’t put in as much effort into researching about and understanding each plant as I should!

majority of my plants (have chives & cactus at my kitchen window, and lettuce outside.. and a strawberry plant that died 😦 )

I recently decided to read up on how to care for my lemon basil, after seeing how tall it has grown, with flowers and all, yet not quite with the amount of leaves I envisaged, based on the bunches of leaves normally being sold in supermarkets. After googling it, I finally understand why! I am supposed to cut off the center shoot after about 6 weeks, to encourage side growth and prevent early flowering!!! WOOPS! So I immediately cut off the flowers, and chopped off a few more leaves from the center. I also changed some of the dishes of the week to include the use of lemon basil. Hopefully, there will be more side growth and bigger bunches of leaves now!

It’s quite fun and satisfying to see the plant grow. I didn’t realise how small it was when I got it, till I looked back on the photographs that I took! Thank God that the plant didn’t die in my hands. haha.

before... the 'baby' I first got from the farmers' market

It's now half of this height after the cooking (forgot to take a pic before chopping the flowers off)

The poor flowers that were cut off!






Farmers’ Market @ Boise

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The Farmers’ Market just opened 2 weekends ago at Boise (1 hour drive from where we are), and we have already been there twice! I reallyed enjoy just walking down the booths, soaking in the atmosphere, taking photos, trying food, etc.

Here’s some pictures from both visits…

First visit:

Cilantro - my first herb plant ever! From the market!

Flowers in my favourite colour... How to resist...

Next up are pictures from our 2nd trip on 23rd Apr… This time it was more happening because it was sponsored by Toyota, with little treats like a free potted plant in exchange for you going food tasting at some chefs’ booths for free. Ok, at least it was more happening to me!

Passport to getting the free potted herbs

New additions to my herbs family... Oregano and Lemon Basil... Yipee!!!