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Coupon Organizer

When I first came here and saw coupon organizers selling in the stores, I couldn’t understand why people would want to buy them. I’m just not used to shopping with coupons back in SG… Fast forward 7 months, and my wallet is bursting with an unorganised mess of coupons from the supermarkets and shops!

I finally got down to pulling out my sewing machine again after a long time of neglect, and sewed myself a coupon organizer! (I still owe queen Karen an apron and S a jewelry organiser, but haven’t gotten down to making them… seem to be more difficult, and I think it will help to practice on a few simpler projects before attempting those!)

I followed this very clear tutorial for this project. I would have liked brighter fabrics, but the ones I had didn’t quite match… so I’m back to using the leftovers from my plastic bag dispenser project.

Exterior of the coupon organizer

There are 4 categories… food, cleaning, beauty, and others…The look and feel doesn’t seem to match the exterior. Maybe if I can find some nicer, happier fabrics, I will make another organizer to match the categories, and look for some other use for this one. haha

PS: Note that the ‘cleaning’ category has a male slipper too… hiaks!

categories of the coupon organizer



New home for my sunglasses

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So, I never used to wear sunglasses much in SG, because I always felt like I looked a bit poser-ish if i did. Maybe it was all in my mind. But over here, I wear sunglasses all the time because the glare is just too much for my eyes to take! Plus, everyone here wears sunglasses too to protect their eyes, so you don’t feel poser-ish at all.

I finally got down to making a case for my sunglasses… Yes, I was just looking for simple things to make with my sewing machine. haha…

sunglasses and the 'raw material'

sunglasses in its new home



2nd sewing project: a fork and spoon pouch

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One of my daily responsibilities is to pack hubby’s lunch/dinner for him to eat at office. There is, however, one very important thing which I very often forget to do, leaving him to have to beg/borrow… and that is to pack him a set of fork and spoon! Woops!!!

I have been doing it in a very environmentally unfriendly manner, packing the cutlery in new plastic bags everyday. I have been searching for takeaway boxes with compartments for a set of cutlery, unfortunately, to no avail. Perhaps, my discomfort with being so environmentally unfriendly has subconsiously made me repeatedly forget to pack them in for hubby. Ok, I know it’s an excuse!

Anyhow, I finally thought of a solution, and settled it once and for all today! A fork and spoon pouch!!

I googled for such a project, and found one post with instructions on it. Thankfully, it was just what I needed! Here’s some pics!

my $6 jeans from BKK which I have been wearing very regularly for almost 4 years... about to be given a 'new life'


the fork and spoon have finally found their home

I hope that I will never forget to pack the fork and spoon ever again!

I am actually VERY tempted to sew on some bright and happy flower buttons that I bought from Walmart recently… but I shall resist at all costs, since this is after all going to be hubby’s and not mine! haha

First sewing project – Plastic Bag Dispenser

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I have completed my first sewing project! It’s a plastic bag dispenser, which eliminates the need for us to fold our plastic bags… Just stuff from the top, and pull out from the bottom.

I compared the instructions from 2 sites – the Martha Stewart website and another online tutorial. In the end, I followed more of the other online tutorial because the Martha Stewart one was working more with a dish towel with a hem as the base, but I had already purchased cloth (of course, without hems) from Walmart. I followed the tutorial pretty closely, with the exception of having to sew the brown cloth onto the white cloth – the tutorial’s cloth already came with some form of layering of cloths.

I chose white & light brown cloths to go in harmony with the rough colour theme of our house, and, in particular, the toilet, where the dispenser would ultimately belong (already have one Ikea plastic bag dispenser for the kitchen).

I must say that my workmanship leaves much to be desired, with some crooked stitches and stuff. Haha. But I am thankful that at least, it generally looks like a plastic bag dispenser, and can hold the bags without falling apart! 🙂 It’s a good thing that I picked this fairly simple project as my first, if not it might well have become my last project!

Just out of the box, ready for its first project

'raw' materials from walmart, bought together with the machine

the completed plastic bag dispenser!!

plastic bag dispenser again!

Plastic bags can be pulled out from the bottom

New Hobby!

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I have been eyeing this for a while, and have FINALLY made the purchase! Was hesitating because I was afraid that it would be a short-lived interest and that the machine would become a white elephant. After all, the last time that I actually touched a sewing machine was when I was 13 or 14 during home economics lessons! Anyway, I decided to just go ahead and get this, and give myself a chance at trying something new. 🙂

My new toy from walmart!

I was actually inspired by this book (below) that I bought from a bargain books sale, and have been checking out sewing blogs and magazines recently. I’m thinking of making a plastic bag holder for my first project, because it seems to be doable (I think!), and it’s something that we also need for the house. I sure hope I succeed!!